Cute Animals Enjoying the Sun


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I don’t know what weather it is there, but here, after a whole week of non-stop rain, the sun has finally broken out! For this, I give you pictures of animals enjoying the sun (they’re not all tiny, but they … Continue reading

“My Dog: the Paradox”: A Tiny Comic Explaining most Dogs

At The Oatmeal, artist Matthew Inman regularly uploads many comics regarding his life and his opinions. One of my favorite ones from his website is one that is also turned into a book. Feast your eyes on this adorable, sweet and deeply touching comic about the life of someone’s best friend. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

7 Tiny Hydrosauruses born!


At the reptile house in Breda in the Netherlands, 7 rare Hydrosauruses, or Sailfin Lizards have been born. It is very uncommon for so many hydrosauruses to be born in captivity so this is quite a unique happening!

The hydrosaurus has a very long tail with a sail on its tail so it can swim very swiftly. This creature is cute as well as its magnificent. Below are the pictures from the tiny newborns (or more the newly-hatched)!

Image (1) Image

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