So a weak baby mouse crawled onto my shoe


2013-09-18 19.28.34

Have you ever had that? When I was walking home today I stopped under a tree to wait for the rain to pass, when a weak baby mouse crawled onto my shoe. It seemed to be limping so I caught it (by “caught” I mean “I laid down a plastic bag next to it and it got into it by itself”) and bought a small cage for it to be in. I took it to the vet and by that time it had eaten a lot from the free food I had gotten from the pet shop. The vet said it was underfed so I could feed it and then release it in the wild again the next day.

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Animals That Fit in Your Hand


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What kind of animals are the cutest? The ones that fit in your hand? If so, here is a whole bunch of them just for your entertainment! Please enjoy this powerful puppy This ballsy bunny This happy hamster This bawdy … Continue reading

Pictures of Guinea Pigs Wearing Tiny Hats


I bet you are surprised at the amount of pictures of guinea pigs wearing hats there are online. The answer is: a lot. Perhaps too many? That’s for you to judge! They sure are cute! I am just going to make sure your Saturday night has a guinea-y feel!

guinea guinea1 guinea2 guinea3 guinea4 guinea5 guinea6 guinea7 guinea8 guinea9 guinea10 guinea11 Pigs-In-Cunning-Hats tumblr_lwc3lotjji1qhj9w0o1_500

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