So a weak baby mouse crawled onto my shoe


2013-09-18 19.28.34

Have you ever had that? When I was walking home today I stopped under a tree to wait for the rain to pass, when a weak baby mouse crawled onto my shoe. It seemed to be limping so I caught it (by “caught” I mean “I laid down a plastic bag next to it and it got into it by itself”) and bought a small cage for it to be in. I took it to the vet and by that time it had eaten a lot from the free food I had gotten from the pet shop. The vet said it was underfed so I could feed it and then release it in the wild again the next day.

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The Adventure of a Baby Dove that Fell From the Nest


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Two weeks ago, a baby bird fell from a Eurasian Collared Dove‘s nest in our garden. Fortunately, it landed softly and we found it sitting quietly on the ground. We decided not to move it so that the parents could … Continue reading

Tiny News: my other blog

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I recently started another blog as well: it is called My Cusps of Tea! It is about my other personal interests, such as literature, comic books, art, movies, sci-fi, fantasy and drawing and painting. Feel free to check it out! It is not much yet, but I have many posts planned for it already, so stay tuned if you like the idea.

The Possibilities of 3d Printing: A Tiny Foot for Buttercup


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     On This is Colossal I encountered this article. I admit it brought a tear to my eye when I saw the duck strolling around with his new prosthetic foot. According to the article: “Buttercup the duck was born in a … Continue reading

You Can Vote For Tiny and Tinier Things’s new name!

I was thinking about changing the name for Tiny and Tinier Things, what do you guys think? Yay or nay?

And if yay, which of these alternatives do you like best? Or, if you have more ideas, post  them in the comments!

Tiny People Living in a World of Giant Food


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Christopher Boffoli’s tiny people inhabit a world of giant food. These absurd pictures are a delight to look at, but also pose some curious questions. Does this have any underlying meaning? Or is it just entertaining pictures of tiny people? … Continue reading