Hi there!

Tiny and Tinier Things is a blog dedicated to those tiny things in life that make people happy. Tiny things are for example small gestures, cute small animals, small comics and many other things!

Like Tori Amos said, it is those “little earthquakes” that can upset you so much, but there are always those good tiny things that reciprocate the bad things!

If you have any tiny thing to share with me, please do so in the comments! I am happy to receive any feedback, whether it is about how much you love tiny things or about how you got here because you googled tiny obscene words!

I will be sharing at least one tiny thing a day and hope to share even more!

good deed

For those interested in the face beyond Tiny and Tinier Things:

I am a Comparative Literature student with average to long red haired curls that cover most of my face. I spend my time writing papers on graphic novels, drawing comics and portraits both on the computer and on paper, and occasionally I play guitar. I am from the Netherlands and hope to become an English teacher and otherwise publish my own works and live off that! That is all.


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