Did you know? “Tame rats are adorable”

Hi all! As you might have noticed, I have been rather busy and have not been able to post a lot. Mostly because I got rats myself. I therefore, present you with some adorable pictures of how they grew up in a few months.

This is how they looked when I first got them. They were approximately 8 weeks old. The one on the left is Sam and the one on the right is Frodo. frodo & sam (2)

They love taking naps together.frodo & sam (3)frodo & sam (1)-1

  But not as much as they love to explore…20140102_12383320140102_221614edited6

And then take naps together after. 20140105_211456edited5


They also love to eat… edited7 edited9 And they love the camera. edited8


They are now 6 months old, but still look just as adorable. Just thought I’d share it.


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