The Adventure of a Baby Dove that Fell From the Nest

Two weeks ago, a baby bird fell from a Eurasian Collared Dove‘s nest in our garden. Fortunately, it landed softly and we found it sitting quietly on the ground. We decided not to move it so that the parents could try their best at finding it. They did!

A few hours later we heard the calls from two older doves and the next morning the baby dove was gone. Although we feared the worst (our area has lately been swarming with predator birds like common magpies, jackdaws and ravens), and we searched in vain for the baby in the area it had fallen, the next morning we heard the parents calling again, and the baby appeared from a few low-hanging shrubberies in our garden to be fed. It had found the perfect hiding place!dove-1
From this day onward, the baby bird was fed in our garden on the ground by its parents. It was the most adorable and most instructive experience ever.

A few days later, we found it had flown onto one of our benches: dove-3

And within a day it had flown even higher, onto the window sill (if anyone is asking, yes that is the shit of just one baby dove): dove-2

Where it was fed by both its parents every day!dove-4 

Seeing all this happen right in front of our eyes was amazing. The parent birds were feeding junior approximately 2 meters away from us while we were eating outside and seemed not to mind. The moment we got too close, however, they got very defensive.

A few days ago it managed to fly into one of our walnut trees and has been hopping/flying from branch to branch while its parents feed it there. It is quite safe here, as our dog makes sure she barks enough to scare the predator birds away from the baby bird (she actually does this; although she doesn’t realize there is another bird in the tree). dove-5
dove-6 dove-7

We hope that junior will be old enough to fly by itself soon. We don’t know whether we will be able to witness this, but if we manage to sneak a peak, I will post it here!

I would just like to express how amazed I am at nature: not only were the parents perfectly able to find the baby bird after it had fallen a good 4 meters from the tree, the baby bird is perfectly healthy now and is raised right in front of us. It is beautiful to witness!


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