Animals That Fit in Your Hand

What kind of animals are the cutest? The ones that fit in your hand? If so, here is a whole bunch of them just for your entertainment! Please enjoy this powerful puppyenhanced-buzz-8601-1340049097-16

This ballsy bunnyenhanced-buzz-11689-1340049104-12

This happy hamsterenhanced-buzz-12202-1340049107-5

This bawdy batenhanced-buzz-9484-1340049108-20

This kissable kittenenhanced-buzz-8601-1340049108-18

This blissful bunnyenhanced-buzz-12344-1340049105-8

This squeaky squirrelenhanced-buzz-7500-1340049111-19

This ritzy rabbitenhanced-buzz-11121-1340049110-12

This burly badgerenhanced-buzz-12344-1340049111-10

This dandy ducklingenhanced-buzz-15415-1340049114-1

This chic chickenhanced-buzz-18735-1340049115-20

This adorable ant-eaterenhanced-buzz-12871-1340049115-0

This sweet sugar gliderenhanced-buzz-10067-1340049115-0

This silky squirrelenhanced-buzz-7872-1340049117-15

This modest monkeyenhanced-buzz-12344-1340049102-6

This baby bunnyenhanced-buzz-19022-1340049109-10

This cuddleable kittenenhanced-buzz-18158-1340049118-19

This daffy ducklingenhanced-buzz-19173-1340049119-16

These playful platypienhanced-buzz-19022-1340049119-14

This tender turtleenhanced-buzz-10067-1340050814-8

This hungry hamster800px-Hamster_in_hand

This red robin


This perky parakeetimg_1532

This memorable monkeymarmoset

This kittenish kittentuektudu

This brave bat


This shy skunktumblr_lmfq8gzcQJ1qi4ucgo1_500

This cuddly kiwi


This observant owltumblr_m96ccdLlGH1reyevso1_1280

And this fancy frogLondon Zoo Conduct Their Annual Animal StocktakeImages mostly from Buzzfeed and google image search!



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