The Possibilities of 3d Printing: A Tiny Foot for Buttercup

duck-6 duck-5 duck-3 duck-2  duck-1 duck-4

On This is Colossal I encountered this article. I admit it brought a tear to my eye when I saw the duck strolling around with his new prosthetic foot.

According to the article:

Buttercup the duck was born in a high school biology lab with a backward left foot making the possibility of walking nearly impossible. Unable to care for the disabled bird, the school handed the duck over to the Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary where the backward foot was amputated and the bird managed to walk with an awkward limp. Several months later engineers at Novacopy stepped in to help the sanctuary develop a permanent fix. Advances in rapid prototyping technology allowed for a mold of the bird’s left foot to be printed in about 13 hours, after which a silicone prosthesis was formed and perfectly fitted to Buttercup’s leg.”

I agree that there is a lot of money in 3d printing, but I think that we should start using it for more projects like this so we can help animals and others. A while ago, a 3d printer was also used to save the life of a baby who had problems with breathing. I think this is a great innovation and we should continue to do things like this. Who knows, maybe this invention means the end of the consumer society as we know it!


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