Tiny People Living in a World of Giant Food

cinnamon-lumberjacks-640px peanut-butter-crew-640px peppercorn-soccer-640px squeeze-cheese-crew-640px toaster-issues-640px wafer-cookie-lineup-640px cheese-moon-smoker-640px

Christopher Boffoli’s tiny people inhabit a world of giant food. These absurd pictures are a delight to look at, but also pose some curious questions. Does this have any underlying meaning? Or is it just entertaining pictures of tiny people?

The answer is yes, it has another, underlying meaning. Boffoli has commented that these photographs comments on our fascination with tiny things, but also “the American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food”. Have you never felt like there were too many options at the supermarket? A supermarket literally has too much for its customers, because that is how we like it. We like to be able to choose from as many options as possible, even if this means the loss of many valuable goods. Do you know what happens with the food that goes past its expiration date? It gets thrown away. Do you know how much of the food of supermarket gets thrown out every day? 40 percent. 

If we only wasted by 15 percent less, we could feed 25 million people more per year.

Perhaps this is something to think about while enjoying these adorable pictures of tiny people and huge food.


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