The Tiny Dutch ‘Meikever’


It’s that time of year again: the Dutch ‘Meikever’ is roaming about everyone’s gardens. They may look scary but they only eat vegetables so you have nothing to fear. I found this little buddy unable to fly because he had gotten wet in a drink. I put it on the tree to dry up and fly away.



3 thoughts on “The Tiny Dutch ‘Meikever’

  1. They are fast disappearing in our country (Belgium). Farmers use so many pesticides because their larvae in the ground eat the roots of their vegetables! 😦

    • That’s very sad to hear 😦 The use of pesticides is very bad in general, in my opinion. We shouldn’t put poison on our own food! However, we have the news here that the population actually has grown exponentially since a few years, but that they are afraid it will suddenly diminish again (Article in Dutch: ) so I wonder what will happen.

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