Tiny Advice

Ever since a few days I have been having problems getting out of bed in the morning because, well, it seems to be one of the coldest Springs we have ever had and my bed is oh so warm, but also because I realized all I had to do all day was work on academic papers for my university. I decided to stop this tendency to stay in bed in the morning and getting up early by making sure that  I had something to look forward to every day!

Whether this is knowing you will be able to surf the internet in the hopes of finding pictures such as these:

80553 880 My-favorite-gif-of-all-time-Imgur

or even these:

43925 83763

or perhaps because today there will be a new episode of your favorite show or you will meet your friends or go to the Game of Thrones prop exhibit. There is always enough to wake up for, you just have to realize it! So every day when you wake up, remember all the fun things that are waiting for you this day and get out of the ******* bed, because life and all these silly pictures are waiting for you. 


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