Pot-bellied Pigs: some tiny facts before getting one

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Are you as charmed by pot-bellied pigs as I am? No? Not even after this picture? Well I am very charmed by them, but, like with any pet I am charmed by, I first want to know how these animals behave so I can take care of them properly.

Teacup pot-bellied pigs and pot-bellied pigs have been a hit for a while now. Many people want to buy them, but later find out that their tiny pig isn’t what they wanted. Of course, after all, it’s still a pig.

Here are some tiny facts that are important when considering a pot-bellied pig:

1. They are very intelligent. This means they can be trained, but also that they can become bored and possibly destructive without the proper stimulation.


2. Pigs LOVE food. And I mean this in the proper sense of the word “LOVE”, they appear to be constantly on an unrelenting quest for food, and, because they are smart, can learn to open fridges and cupboards in search of food.


3. Pigs can get territorial. Much like an untrained dog, a pig can express the wish to become “alpha pig” if no human steps up to take this role. This means they can get aggressive unless properly trained that you are the boss.

4. Pigs live up to 18 years. So they are not some pet to take in without consideration. They are much like dog or a cat, except they can weigh up to 100 kilos (except for the miniature pigs). They also need regular shots for diseases like other pets.


Understanding this kind of information beforehand helps prevent people from taking in a pet and then realizing a year that they cannot take care of it because it is not what they expected. This is why there are over 200 pigs in sanctuaries that have been either abandoned, neglected or abused by their former owners.

My advice to everyone: don’t take pets into your home unless you’re willing to go the extra mile to take care of them. This is better for you and the animal.

Source: http://www.pigs.org/ and here


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