Tiny Dinner Napkin Thoughts


After a nice dinner and some wine, I decided to listen to other people’s conversations and make this. Are you for or against robot love?


The Tiny Dutch ‘Meikever’


It’s that time of year again: the Dutch ‘Meikever’ is roaming about everyone’s gardens. They may look scary but they only eat vegetables so you have nothing to fear. I found this little buddy unable to fly because he had gotten wet in a drink. I put it on the tree to dry up and fly away.


Smallest Deer in the World Born in Sweden


Yesterday, on April 30th, a tiny baby deer was born Nordens Ark in Sweden. It is a male Southern Pudu and the sixth of his brothers amd sisters that have been born at the zoo. The tiny fawn is currently playing and spending his time in an enclosure with his parents where visitors can watch!

Pudu, the South American deer, is the smallest species of deer. In the wild they live in temperate rain forests and their size helps them hide from predators. The deer has for a while been classified as “vulnerable” which is why it is so great that a fawn has been born in a zoo.

Source: zooborns.com

Baby Beaver Shows Its Face


Remember I talked about tiny fox pups that were born in the wild? Nowadays, Beavers can also be followed live on webcams that have been placed near and in their burrows. On May 28th, a baby beaver showed its face on camera for the first few hours of its existence. Below is the video!

The webcams are placed in the burrows of beavers to monitor them and are broadcast on Follow the Beaver!

Resistor Man, Zombie Garden and Much More


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At Instructables.com, people can upload and try tutorial on how to make many things. From this cute resistor man, to fabricating a keyboard with arduino, to making little owl plushies or your own jewelry. How to spend your time productive … Continue reading