Tiny wisdom of the week

Tiny wisdom of the week

The effects of meditation are not tiny, but doing it every now and then is not as big an effort as many people think! Meditation is technically simply conscious and chosen relaxation. It is easier than you might think, simply choose to relax for a moment, or for a while, by focusing on taking deep breaths.

It is about letting your stress go and just relaxing.

Daily meditation is the best. Here, it is possible to leave the moment and just be where the mind is clear, but blank. Whatever happens, whether you cry, smile or fall asleep, this is fine. Meditation is something that is just for you. There is no right or wrong behavior when meditating.

Take a moment every day to come to yourself and reach proper relaxation, and you will find yourself filled with more joy and less stress.

For more info, look here. The picture can be found here. Anyone who would like some music for meditation, this is my current favorite to relax with.


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