Tiny Squirrels Need Our Help!


To draw people’s attention again to those animals who are in need of help: the red squirrel (you know, the cute one with the big fluffy tail) is close to become extinct.

As a proud red-haired being, I have before expressed my concern about the extinction of this cute red-haired creature. Red squirrels are incredibly nice animals, for example, they adopt the orphans of their nearby relatives. The squirreliness the red squirrel exhibits by adopting squirrel orphans should be enough to show that this adorable creature should not get extinct!

The American grey squirrel was introduced by humans in Ireland, Italy and the UK and over the last few decades, the grey squirrel has spread at the cost of the European red squirrel. By now, the red squirrel has become extinct in Italy, and in the UK, now 90% of the squirrel population exists out of grey squirrels. They are threatened with extinction in the UK due to the demolition of much of their habitats and the competition against the grey squirrel, who lives mostly on the ground. I am not asking you for any action, but awareness is the first step towards helping, so spread the news if you also enjoy redheads– I mean, red squirrels, and don’t want them extinct.


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