The facts about tiny fennec foxes

polar fox

Previously, I mentioned that the lives of foxes can be viewed live on cam. However, the fennec fox (Vulpes zerda) is a completely different kind of fox. With its big ears and eyes it almost seems as if this tiny creature was bred to be so by man, but nothing is further from the truth.

The tiny fox is mostly found in the Sahara of North-Africa. Its big ears serve to dissipate heat, since animals tend not to sweat similarly to human beings (dogs sweat through their tongue), and it is vital to remain cool in the Sahara during the day. The size of the ears also enormously increases its sense of hearing, since this tiny creature has many predators, such as the African eagle-owl.

They are the smallest living Canidae, which is the species to which dogs, wolves and foxes belong, and dig dens into sand to live in. They often make their holes adjoined to other fennec foxes so they become neighbors.

This cute and remarkable creature has a warm and fluffy coat reflects the sun and makes it extra cuddly!

Copia de wildegyptThanks to a friend for the pictures!


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