5 tiny things that could improve your life

Feeling down or unmotivated lately? Try these 5 tiny things that could make you feel better!

Don’t hit the snooze button. The few hours before you wake up, you primarily have REM sleep, where you dream a lot. These few hours allow you to process the events of the preceding day before you wake naturally. If you set your alarm, say, half an hour earlier, you will cut into this process and this, research has indicated, can damage your mental function during the day. So if you want your brain to be proactive during the day, you should try to set your alarm right after 8 hours of sleep and then wake up. This may also include going to bed earlier.

Don’t know how? Try this!

Name something you like about yourself every day. This may sound corny, but there is always something people dislike about themselves. Whether this is their insecurity or their fat ankles, people will name the strangest things that others will not even have noticed. Once you start reversing this process, you will notice that you will start liking yourself more and more. Do you like your hair but hate your nose? Start focusing on how much you love your hair instead of how much you’d like your nose to be different. Eventually you won’t even care about how your nose looks, or you will actually start loving its shape!

Smile at people. Not only will this make you feel better, but you will see that people start paying more attention to you, start giving you extras and in general provide more positive reactions.

Don’t know how to smile? Try holding a pencil between your teeth!

Don’t dwell on past experiences. Alex Noriega said “thinking too much about a problem won’t necessarily make it easier to solve”. The same thing goes for your past. It’s the past, not the present. You did something wrong and all you can do now is hope people forgive you because you are human, and learn from your mistakes so you don’t do them again. Another side of this is melancholia. Although you may desperately want to go back to an earlier time when you were on holiday, lived in another country, or had another lover, this is not the present. You simply are no longer there so it’s pointless to want to go back. How about instead of wanting to go back, you try to make your life more interesting now? Be content with who you are now, or make the move to change it in the future.

Go outside. OK this last one may sound stupid considering I am blogging this from a laptop inside a house, but this really helps. Of course I am not suggesting you go outside in the pouring rain or during a blizzard, but going for a walk outside after rain, after snow, or in pleasant weather conditions really helps. Not only is going on a walk good for your body, it is also vital for your happiness and skin as natural Vitamin D is not inside, but outside. So whenever you see the sun popping out, take an early break and go for a walk to sniff the fresh air!


2 thoughts on “5 tiny things that could improve your life

  1. With a pencil between my teeth walking outside tapping on my phone thinking about tomorrow.

    • Hahaha maybe I should have mentioned that you should do these things all one at a time; hope you didn’t have any accidents 😉
      And there is no harm in just thinking about today either!

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