Madurodam: a place where houses are tiny


Madurodam LUK

To celebrate Queensday (King’s day from now on I guess) I am going to talk about my country, the Netherlands! (the “the” is very necessary  for no apparent reason; we have a complex for being such a small country and want to feel more like “the Hulk” so we added “the”).


In the Hague (again!) Madurodam is a sight to see! It is a recreational park that contains many important cities in the Netherlands along with some important buildings from abroad… in miniature.

madurodam (1)

It is a place filled with tiny houses and sights!

Images from here, here and here!


100 Tiny Cartoon Portraits of Kevin

Nope, I am not talking about Kevin Smith (although that would be totally awesome! Did anyone read some of his comics?). I am talking about Cartoon Kevin, based on real-world cartoonist and animator Kevin McShane. This character has proved most enduring in all different kinds of cartoon styles and has made its way into almost every significant animation studio. Check out the official web site featuring 100 portraits of Cartoon Kevin, of which some are shown below!



Sources: here


Good news about a tiny bird



Does everyone know the Passer Domesticus, or the House Sparrow? Since the 1980s this lovely little bird has been disappearing from my country, the Netherlands, as well as from Great Britain. The reason for this decline was unsure, but since the house sparrow lives mostly in bushes, people have argued that this bird has been disappearing along with the disappearance of hedges, as people started putting wooden fences in their gardens instead of hedges.

However, the decline of this bird has finally stopped! Now the number of house sparrows in the city actually seems to be increasing. From now on, we will start seeing this adorable creature more and more again!


The house sparrow is typically only 16 cm big and weighs up to only 39.5 grams.

Images from here and here.

More tiny things

Previously I mentioned Sebastian Vargás and his collection of tiny things. A friend sent me some more of his collection, including some of the tiny jewelry designed by Shay Aaron, who I mentioned makes sculptures of tiny food. It also includes some pictures sent to me by friends. Enjoy!



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