Cute tiny alpaca or Ewok?


Time to close the weekend with this cute alpaca! Or is it… an Ewok?
alpaca-3 (1)

Alpaca fact: did you know that alpacas are typical herd animals and prefer the companionship of their friends? If they are separated for too long from their buddies they become stressed.


Let’s help tiny Salvia


Three tiny green beans decided to help tiny Salvia warm up! Salvia was reborn in the beginning of March, around the time when Spring is supposed to start dawning. Unfortunately, although it is almost April, it is still too cold for tiny Salvia so it remains inside.
Are you warming anyone up this cold beginning of Spring as well?

Tiny Fact #1


A tiny fact for you all to enjoy on your Easter Sunday!44

Stuff No-one Told Me ( is probably one of the best blogs for tiny facts about life. Most of them are already from quite a while ago, but despite their tininess, the facts have a big importance.

Visit the blog as I will probably be posting some more of these tiny facts that are made into comics by Alex Noriega.

Four tiny fox pups born in the wild (follow the fox!) is a website that is dedicated to the lives of foxes in a nature reserve in the Netherlands. With strategically placed webcams, they monitor the lives of wild foxes, and since a few years, broadcast these webcam feeds online.

On the 27th of March, the fox that had made its home in the webcammed burrow, birthed 4 tiny pups! The full video can be found here, starting at minute 19, when the born pups are most visible and can be seen drinking (and moaning like the adorable little puppies they are).


Picture: Telegraaf

And start!


Starting off this blog with a favorite from the net, one of the cutest dog pictures on the internet! I bet if anyone started a blog called “pets and towels”, it would be easy to fill it.

Thanks to the person who took the picture for sharing it with the internet!

Source: Facebook